White supremacist posters found on Indy distribution boxes downtown


Identity Evropa, a white supremacist hate group, has been active in Colorado Springs for at least seven months. - NICO WILKINSON
  • Nico Wilkinson
  • Identity Evropa, a white supremacist hate group, has been active in Colorado Springs for at least seven months.
UPDATE: We asked Lieutenant Howard Black, public information officer for CSPD, whether the department has documented any other white supremacist activity in downtown Colorado Springs, including Identity Evropa stickers and posters. He said via email:

"Generally, when these stickers are located, we may or may not be advised – mostly not. We are aware of these stickers at other locations throughout the city. There has NOT been any other white supremacist activity of note in downtown or other parts of the city for quite some time (last summer – graffiti on synagogue). The stickers have been popping up all over the city over the past year, this is true of most of the country as well."

——-ORIGINAL POST: Jan. 31, 10:12 A.M.——-

In August of 2018, we reported that a swastika had been found spray-painted on a trail in Briargate — an area of town that has seen previous white supremacist activity. The group Identity Evropa, identified as a white supremacist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has been placing stickers on light poles in the 80920 area code for months, at least since July of 2018. Now, they’ve extended their reach downtown.

Two of the Independent’s condo boxes — the sidewalk-adjacent boxes with clear windows where we display and distribute our weekly paper — were pasted over by Identity Evropa posters. The vandal used wheatpaste which, according to Tim Archer, public space manager of the Colorado Springs Downtown Partnership, is nearly impossible to remove entirely.

As we reported in August, The Southern Poverty Law Center says that Identity Evropa, formed in 2016 by Iraq war veteran Nathan Damigo, typically targets young people on college campuses with their “self-aware and eminently meme-able aesthetics.” It’s especially worrying, then, that these posters have shown up so close to Colorado College.

The posters were discovered in Acacia Park and on Kiowa Street by Independent distribution driver and occasional contributor Nico Wilkinson, who immediately notified our distribution manager, Tim Kranz. Kranz says something like this may have happened before his time with the Indy, as traces of wheatpaste have been found on plenty of the Indy’s condo boxes, but this is the first he has heard of white supremacist propaganda specifically obscuring the boxes.

Thankfully, by the time Kranz notified the Downtown Partnership the morning of Jan. 31, Tim Archer was already in the process of removing the offending posters.

Laurel Prud’Homme, the Downtown Partnership’s Vice President of Communications, says it is policy to remove any posters. “The posting of any kind of flyers,” she says, “regardless of subject matter, is not allowed in the downtown core on light posts, condo boxes, trash cans, green corner bins, utility poles, etc. So our policy is that when any kind of a flyer is posted, we remove it.”

She adds that she has not heard of white supremacist activity in the area, but that such reports would likely not reach them as they would be directed toward the Colorado Springs Police Department.

We reached out to CSPD to see if they have documented any other white supremacist activity downtown, and we will update this space if and when we hear more.

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