Lawsuit filed in Royal Gorge railway death


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The Cañon City & Royal Gorge Railroad is a popular tourist attraction. Now it's being sued. - MATTHEW SCHNIPER
  • Matthew Schniper
  • The Cañon City & Royal Gorge Railroad is a popular tourist attraction. Now it's being sued.
Devon Cacy filed a lawsuit in Denver District Court against Cañon City & Royal Gorge Railroad LLC and others in the May 28, 2016, death of his wife, Leslie.

While serving as the train’s conductor, Leslie Cacy attempted to secure a door, which the lawsuit says was defective, and fell beneath the train, on which her husband acted as engineer.

Other defendants include Royal Gorge Express, LLC,  and Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.

The lawsuit, filed in May by attorney Martin Jackson of Conifer, says the train runs an 11-mile route and when it reaches an end, it must reverse to return to Cañon City. The couple met some years ago while Leslie was a passenger and Devon was a server in the dining care. They later married.

On the day of her death, Leslie Cacy served as the conductor and was training another person to be a conductor. The trainee tried to pull a rope to engage the emergency brake after Leslie Cacy fell but the rope was wrapped around a pipe preventing its deployment, the lawsuit says.

Devon Cacy, who witnessed his wife’s death, later left the company, which, the lawsuit says, “failed to accommodate his significant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

The lawsuit also alleges the defendants failed to provide a safe working environment, and lists various deficiencies, all of which "failed to provide Plaintiff and Plaintiff's decedent with a reasonably safe place to work."

The suit seeks unspecified damages for medical and funeral expenses, physical pain and death, lost income and Devon’s PTSD and mental and emotional pain.

We've reached out to the defendants for a comment and will circle back if and when we hear back.

Here's the petition:

See related PDF Cacy_Plaintiff_s_First_Amended_Complaint_for_Damages_10-27-18.pdf


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