Colorado Springs Airport lease to BLANK revealed!


Colorado Springs Airport stands to gain nearly a half million dollars from BLANK by leasing four acres to BLANK for up to three and a half years for the purposes of BLANK.

That's according to a lease obtained by the Independent between the city and BLANK.

See? Here's how BLANK signed the contract:


Why all the secrecy? The "Modular Delivery Station Lease Agreement" contains this provision:
No Landlord Party will make any public announcements regarding this Lease or Tenant's proposed or actual occupancy of the Premises without Tenant's prior consent, which Tenant may withhold in its sole discretion.
The agreement allows for certain permitted uses, but doesn't want the public to know what those are. From the agreement:

What isn't redacted from the lease agreement is the term, which runs from Sept. 1, 2018, to March 31, 2020, with the tenant allowed to extend the term for an additional two terms of one year each.

If Amazon — er, I mean, BLANK — sticks around for the entire time covered by the lease, the airport would collect $420,000 ($10,000 a month for 42 months).

We wrote about this a couple weeks ago, as did other media. The tenant is very likely Amazon, because about that time the online giant held a job fair at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center.

We sought the agreement through the Colorado Open Records Act and were rather surprised to get anything.  But then again, all the pertinent parts are BLANKety BLANK BLANK redacted.

Here's the lease:
See related PDF AmazonModularDeliverStationMDSLeaseAgreement2018_Redacted.pdf

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