5 Questions for Ron Stallworth, the BlacKkKlansman


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  • Courtesy Ron Stallworth
Indy: What was it like joining the CSPD when you were still a teenager?

Ron Stallworth:
It wasn’t easy. While some cops treated me fairly, many did not. Also, I was too black for many whites, and too blue for many blacks. Whites would call me boy, Nigger or worse. And many blacks thought of me as an Uncle Tom or a Pig. But I just kept my head up, for I believed then, just like I believe now, that while it is fine to 
protest from the outside, you can have a real impact if you are inside the system.

Why were you assigned to provide protection for KKK Grand Wizard David Duke when he visited the Springs? Was it to get under Duke’s skin or to piss you off?

Actually, neither. I got the assignment because I was the only intelligence officer available at that time. I did not want the assignment because I thought it might jeopardize our undercover investigation, since I already had had so many phone conversations with Duke. But he never recognized my voice.

You have refused to disclose the identity of the undercover operative who served as the “white Ron 
Stallworth.” Why?

I reached out to him when I was 
writing the book back in 2013. He said he did not want anything to do with this project. I have respected his request.

Any thoughts about the current CSPD?

Chief [Pete] Carey is a professional with a solid reputation. The CSPD has never reached out to me. But if they did, I would welcome the opportunity, for the department gave me a start to a wonderful career. I am forever grateful for that.

How has the movie changed your life?

“[There’s] no way I could plan for what has transpired. For a while last month, my book was No. 1 on The New York Times Best Sellers list. And so far, I am already booked solid with speaking events through February 2019. It’s exhilarating and exhausting, quite the roller coaster ride.”


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