CSFD firefighters defer collective bargaining request


Colorado Springs firefighters who belong to the International Association of Firefighters Local 5 won't seek City Council approval of a ballot measure for the April 2019 city election until November, the association said in an email. Local 5 had intended to ask Council to refer the measure during the Aug. 14 meeting.

The Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters Association has requested a deferment to City Council on the non-binding resolution concerning a Collective Bargaining ballot initiative scheduled for the 14th at Councils formal meeting.

We believe that broadening and improving our education to the public during our signature gathering campaign will ensure that City Council representatives know that their constituents are well informed. We have appreciated the work that City Council has done in working with this issue and we will continue to keep them up to date.

We will look to revisit the agenda item in November when Council will have an opportunity to actually place the measure before the electorate in the April municipal election.

Council President Skorman has accepted the request for deferment. 
We previously reported last year that Local 5 would push for a ballot measure, which would contain a clause prohibiting a strike in a case where Local 5 and city administration couldn't reach agreement.

Mayor John Suthers has expressed opposition to collective bargaining.

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