"Quackfest" lands in Colorado Springs


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Learn about the evils of childhood inoculations and other myths at a conference underway in Colorado Springs. - ZALDYLMG ON FLICKR
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  • Learn about the evils of childhood inoculations and other myths at a conference underway in Colorado Springs.
It's true that El Paso County has drawn some people who live on the fringe. (See Gordon Klingenschmitt and Andrew Wommack.)

Now, Colorado Springs welcomes attendees to the AutismOne conference at the Hotel Elegante, where the entrance is graced with a granite stone bearing the Ten Commandments. The conference begins Wednesday and lasts through Sunday.

Here's one account of what this conference, usually held in Chicago, is all about, according to scienceblogs.com. The article is headlined "AutismOne: As quacky as ever," and includes this description of the conference in 2015:
Once again, the yearly autism quackfest known as Autism One is fast approaching. In fact, it will begin in Chicago tomorrow: five days of “autism biomed” quackery and antivaccine pseudoscience.
While registration reportedly has closed, if you're prone to this way of thinking, and there probably are plenty of people in wacky El Paso County who are, check out the schedule here.

But if you're planning on taking in some of the speeches, be aware that AutismOne isn't responsible if something goes haywire should you embrace some of these "teachings." Its website contains this warning:
No information at this conference is presented by AutismOne or AutismOne staff members or volunteers as medical advice. Patients/caregivers should research all information given. Every person’s physiology is unique. All information should be discussed with the patient’s personal physician and/or other specialist appropriate to the symptoms or body systems involved in their individual situation, who provides the patient with regular medical oversight, monitoring, and lab testing, and who keeps up-to-date on the most recent research and interventions. Beginning any significant biomedical or other interventions that may impact physiology or making changes to an established regimen should be discussed with the patient’s physician in advance.
We checked in with El Paso County Public Health on its policy on vaccination and got this response: "We follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommended Immunization schedule."

For kids from birth to age 6, here are those recommendations.

For youth ages 7 to 18, find recommendations here.


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