Editor's note: on the May 10 cover design



The inspiration for the art on this week's Indy cover leads us to the Czech Republic. While traveling there many years ago, I came across a brilliant anti-fascist public ad campaign, with large billboards posted inside Prague's underground metro system. As spoofed here by our editorial art director Dustin Glatz, it depicted a woman hanging her laundry on a line held up by the salutes of two white supremacists, with the message: "Be kind to your local Nazi."

Even more humorous and biting: Watch the television commercial spot from the same campaign at bit.ly/2pKbY4W. The ads came to mind while brainstorming around how best to illustrate the cover teaser for our interview this week with Southern Poverty Law Center founder Morris Dees. How could we pay homage to someone who's done so much work to take power away from hate groups?


With our cover image, we hope you find the same humor in stealing a little thunder from those who promote division and prejudice. We're aware there's nothing really funny about a white supremacist or KKK member — well, until you find a utilitarian use for their silly salutes.

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