A look at Colorado Springs City Council candidates where they live


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As we head into the final week before the April 4 city election, let's take a look at how many millionaires are running for the six district seats up for grabs on the nine-member City Council.

Answer: Not many, according to disclosure forms candidates must file with the City Clerk's Office.

But it's always interesting to review the financial holdings of political candidates. For most, their biggest asset is the roof over their heads.

Here's a rundown of what candidates reported on those forms. An asterisk denotes incumbents.

*Don Knight, retired from the military, reports owning his home with his wife, which is valued at $343,836, according to El Paso County assessor records. He's owned the home since 1990.

Greg Basham owns a home with his wife valued at $200,847 that he purchased in February 2015.

David Geislinger owns a home with his wife valued at $264,205. He's owned it since September 2002.

Here's where Skorman hangs his hat.
  • Here's where Skorman hangs his hat.
Richard Skorman owns a home in the Broadmoor area valued at $494,912. He bought it in 1998 and added his wife as an owner in 2003.
Skorman values his downtown businesses — Richard Skorman Inc., doing business as Poor Richard’s/Little Richard’s/Rico’s, which he owns with his wife — at $850,000. He also owns SoBoProperties LLC with wife, which owns the building that house their businesses, valued at $1.1 million.

Chuck Fowler owns no property in the district or anywhere in the city, according to assessor records. The residential address he gives on his disclosure form is owned by Bon Vivant LLC, which was created on Oct. 15, 2015, by Jennifer Doell. The Bon Vivant home is valued at $249,264.

  • Photos from El Paso County Assessor's Office
  • Deborah Hendrix's house.
*Helen Collins has owned a residential property at 632 Lakewood Circle, valued at $132,983, since December 2007.

Yolanda Avila reports owning a home with her mother valued at $126,102. She's owned it since 1997. She also reported owning an investment valued at less than $5,000.

Deborah Hendrix and her husband have owned a home valued $162,455 since Aug. 16, 2016.

Gaebler's home.
  • Gaebler's home.
*Jill Gaebler and her husband own a property in the northeast part of the city valued at $481,924. They also own the home in which they reside in District 5, which is valued at $411,000. They purchased the property in August 2010.

Here's where Crow-Iverson calls it a day.
  • Here's where Crow-Iverson calls it a day.
Lynette Crow-Iverson owns a home in the Old North End with her husband valued at $469,233. She also reports owning 51 percent of H & L Drug Compliance Inc., d/b/a Conspire!, which is valued at $1.5 million. She also owns 100 percent of Conspire Franchising LLC, valued at $2 million.

Pico is at home here.
  • Pico is at home here.
*Andy Pico, who's retired from the military, owns a home in the Homestead subdivision with his wife that has a value of $210,653. They've owned it since June 1997.

Melanie Bernhardt does not own property anywhere in the city. The place she lives is valued at $166,882. She also reports owning a retirement account valued at about $5,000.

Robert Burns owns a home with his wife valued at $214,668, which they bought in August 2014.

Janak Joshi owns no property, but his wife owns the home in which they live, valued at $316,700, which he deeded to her in March 1997. His wife also owns a realty company and a management company he lists as being valued at $3,000, and commercial and residential property the assessor values at  $1,171,571.


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