Memories of Yester-beer: Trinity Brewing changes hands


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Trinity's outgoing founder/brewer Jason Yester (left) and incoming owner Matt Dettmann. - RYAN HANNIGAN
  • Ryan Hannigan
  • Trinity's outgoing founder/brewer Jason Yester (left) and incoming owner Matt Dettmann.

Focus on the Beer's "indefinite hiatus" announced in May didn't last too long before blogger Ryan Hannigan (a former Indy employee) popped out of retirement for an "epic opportunity" in his words.

That opportunity turns out to be the coverage of Trinity Brewing founder/brewer Jason Yester stepping aside and selling the business.

The posting is tinged with both admiration and due-credit for Yester's locally pioneering work, as well as tension documented in  old Indy blogs from some old beef between the brewhouse and the beer blog and wider beer community. But it seems relations are rosy enough today for all parties to gather over pints and share this exciting brew news.

Trinity came on the scene in late 2008, and as documented in Hannigan's posting, Yester quickly brought respect to the Springs beer scene with a GABF gold medal the following year:
One could argue that his brettanomyces beers put Colorado Springs on the map when TPS Report won Gold at GABF in 2009. It didn’t stop there, as you may argue Trinity helped start the fruited sour craze, when Elektrick Cukumbahh, a sour saison with cucumbers, won another Gold in 2013. Trinity never just wanted to be normal, they were different and it didn’t matter if you liked it or not. 
The beers generally stayed consistent in quality (though experimental and ever changing) and when Trinity hit high points they were HIGH — true craft fans knew something special was going on. As Hannigan notes (and we also noted with a 2016 follow-up review), the restaurant side of Trinity struggled more over the years.

According to Hannigan's reporting, Dettmann aims to stabilize that:

... Dettmann, [hopes] to continue Yester’s level of brewing excellence, while exploring opportunities for expansion and improvement, especially in the restaurant and pub.

He’s got brewing in his blood, thanks to a childhood in Wisconsin, where his father worked at Pabst, and after a decade brewing at home, he’ll fit right in at Trinity. He’s got a soft demeanor, yet his eyes twinkle when you ask him about his favorite beer or his plans for Trinity’s future. I had only known him for a few moments before I noticed his exuberant positivity and eagerness to learn.
As for Yester's plans, as quoted to Focus on the Beer, he would only say: “I’ve got something in the works, but I can’t say anything yet ... it’s not in beer, though.”

We look forward to seeing Trinity grow under new leadership, and we also want to raise a glass to Yester, who undoubtedly set the bar higher for Colorado Springs and leaves a legacy to Dettmann. Cheers! 


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