Colorado Farm & Art Market launches June 10 and 13 with COVID-19 guidelines in place


Arlene Hinton with Blue Skies Organics sells jams, greens and leather pouches. - COURTESY CFAM
  • Courtesy CFAM
  • Arlene Hinton with Blue Skies Organics sells jams, greens and leather pouches.

Colorado Farm & Art Market (CFAM for short) starts back up for the 2020 growing season on June 10 at the Pioneers Museum, to be followed with its first Saturday market on June 13 at the Margarita at Pine Creek.

Organizers very much want the general public to know that they're strictly adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, so much so there's a bunch of info on their website, here, specifically about that.

Below, you can see tips for shopping; see what precautions vendors are taking; and read about general market safety.
See related PDF 6_3_20_Market_Safety.pdf See related PDF 6_3_20_Vendor_Guidelines.pdf See related PDF 6_3_20_Shopping_Advice.pdf
CFAM Market Manager Ruthie Markwardt says "we're keeping the connection between the farmers and consumers alive and thriving," despite measures to socially distance.

In years past, the market has acted as a congregation point where consumers can chat it up with producers and share in the community aspect of shopping and buying local. But this year, says Markwardt, "we're seeing it as more of a space to still come shop and get what we need and see people, but from a safe distance, and in a faster manner than prior ... we look forward to when it can be a gathering space again."

She advises to "shop with your eyes" rather than your hands for that perfect tomato (when those come into season).

Sarah Hamilton of New Roots Farm - ELLEN KERCHNER
  • Ellen Kerchner
  • Sarah Hamilton of New Roots Farm

The vendors list will be updated online by June 10 to reflect some new members this year. And one other important note is that participating artists will only show at the Margarita at Pine Creek (not at any Pioneers Museum dates), where they'll be able to properly space out and adhere to the guidelines, says Markwardt. That decision came from discussions with the city, county health and parks departments, she says.

Lastly, she notes that organizers will post on CFAM's Facebook page with updates throughout the market season on what produce is becoming available weekly as the harvest season progresses. As usual, expect salad greens, root veggies and some herbs in the early weeks — don't start holding your breath yet for peaches.

Tote bags available to Consumer Members of CFAM's Cooperative. - COURTESY CFAM

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