Bread & Butter Neighborhood Market launches Kickstarter ahead of May 2020 launch downtown


Bread & Butter Neighborhood Market recently launched a Kickstarter page to help fund its planned May 2020 opening at 602 S. Nevada Ave., in what’s currently the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’s Colorado Springs Vet Center building through January’s end.
Stacy Poore (left) and Aubrey Day, co-owners. - COURTESY STACY POORE
  • Courtesy Stacy Poore
  • Stacy Poore (left) and Aubrey Day, co-owners.
“When we look around the downtown area where people are working and living, plus the adjacent neighborhoods... we think it’s needed ... we feel like it’s the perfect time,” says co-owner Stacy Poore.

She notes several nearby residential units both existing and underway, from Blue Dot and Casa Mundi to new apartments on Cascade Avenue plus Kinship Landing, a small hotel on the way across the street, and the upcoming Olympic Museum complex and expected build-outs. As well, there’s the Mill Street and Hillside neighborhoods not far away.

Poore and co-owner Aubrey Day see Bread & Butter as serving both the downtown resident or worker and parts of the underserved community who live in near-food deserts. Inventory in the 1700-square-foot grocery store won’t include “six different brands of toothpaste,” but rather a wide, both boutique and affordable offering of staple products, from dry goods and Colorado produce and meats and cheeses to frozen and pre-prepared items, plus flowers, greeting cards, coffee, and “nicely curated wines and spirits” from an attached 800-square-foot liquor store. (That’s how they’ll make up for the typical “razor thin” margins on retail grocery items, says Poore.)

Another important feature to their market, says Poore, is free on-site parking, noting that’s partly if not largely why an attempted market on North Tejon Street around a decade ago failed to take root — that, and it was just ahead of its time in terms of enough residential rooftops downtown.

As for what the owners (who both hold Masters degrees) bring to the table for directly relevant work experience, Day “has been involved in food systems and health related work throughout her career at El Paso County Public Health,” while Poore spent seven years with Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado, most recently as its chief operating officer. 

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