• Dionne Roberts
As we enjoy the latest installment of our fall ReLeaf cannabis guide, our sights are focused on everything green. Once relegated to musky college dorm rooms, the canna-booze concoction known as Green Dragon is making something of a comeback in our modern "craft" era. Early iterations of the mixture called for crappy brick weed mixed with Everclear, and it was pretty disgusting (shocker). But when we set out to find a palatable version of the taboo cocktail last year, we found it's not very difficult to make a dank drink.
Green Dragon is not liquor or strain specific — just weed and some booze of your choosing — so in an attempt to demonstrate that the green dragon doesn't have to resemble or taste like bong water, we opted to try vodka, gin and tequila as our solvents for some homegrown greens.
The vodka really allows the weed to shine, since it doesn't have a lot of flavor of its own. It can easily be used in a Moscow mule that receives a complementary note from the spicy ginger beer. We really dig the tequila, as the earthy harmony from the sweet agave sets off the bitterness from the bud. We made a straightforward margarita with what we nicknamed "the Latin Lizard" — a shot (or two) with a generous amount of fresh-squeezed lime juice and a splash of simple syrup. (One cup water to one cup sugar, heat until sugar dissolves completely.) The gin was a winner too as the flowery botanicals couple up with the cannabis nicely. A classic gin and tonic yields a deeper profile than anything you're used to ordering at your neighborhood watering hole.
Mixing your Green Dragon cocktails is the easy part; it's the weed-to-booze ratio you should focus on to ensure a pleasurable experience (measure twice).

But if you're one to leaving the experimentation to the pros, here's this week's Happy Hour map:
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