Black Bear Distillery releases Brazilian-style white rum


  • Courtesy Black Bear Distillery
Green Mountain Falls-based Black Bear Distillery has reopened its doors for the summer season, and as part of that, owner Victor Matthews has released a new spirit. It’s a white rum, but it isn’t made like most — Matthews calls it a Brazilian-style rum.

“The difference between it being Brazilian and any other white rum is that we’re using pure cane sap juice to make this,” he says. By technical definition, it’s not a rum at all, but a cachaça, the signature spirit of Brazil, similar to rum but distinct. And Matthews agrees, but there’s a catch.

“The goal would be to have it be a cachaça, but you can’t use that word,” he says. “It has to come from Brazil.” Much like Champagne and Cognac, it has to be made in the right part of the world, as well as from the right stuff, thanks to a 2012 agreement between Brazil and the US.

The white rum will be released on Saturday, June 9, as part of a carnival party at the distillery, featuring rum and cachaça cocktail specialties using the spirit — and yes, that means caipirinhas galore. Check out Black Bear Distillery's Facebook page for more details.

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