An overnight corned beef recipe could make your St. Patrick's Day dining dreams come true


After a brief conversation with a friend about why kilts aren't necessarily St. Patrick's Day-appropriate attire, I realized that other than knowing the difference between Irish and Scottish, my knowledge of the March 17th holiday is pretty limited.

I do know that I love a good corned beef, though, I've never made it myself. But being the epi-curious type, I decided to see if I have the chops to handle the process.

My idea turned out to be not-so-novel, as then Indy food writer Bryce Crawford set off to make his own rendition in a 2013 piece titled "Salt and thyme: Corned beef comes home in a writer's inaugural attempt at creation." Crawford's piece was a supplement to a larger, Reuben sandwich-focused cover story for 2014 New Year celebrations (corned beef ain't no one-hit holiday wonder). Outside of the sandwich assembly, preparing the protein is the same, and his nutgraf got me excited about the prospects of my own salted meat soiree:

"When I set off to make my own for the first time, I thought it would be a heroic task of do-it-yourself fervor mixed with made-at-home principles. But it was actually ridiculously easy — so easy that I was pretty sure I was doing it wrong the whole time."
Alas, later in the piece Crawford writes his "bastardized" approach called for the meat to brine for three days, noting that he even considered a five-day brine. (At the time of this writing, I'm about 13 hours away from the official start of St. Paddy's Day. Ugh).
Back to the Internet I go, searching overnight corned beef recipes. Let me take a moment to a) recognize the power of the Internet — we are not worthy — and b) shoutout to slow cookers!

Genius Kitchen has a 12-hour overnight recipe for a Crock Pot Corned Beef Dinner that reads uber simple and includes a brown sugar and mustard glaze, reviving my hopes of a homemade savory holiday.

Procrastinating meat eaters may rejoice with me, but what of our veg-based counterparts? Swapping "overnight" with "substitute" in my search bar yielded another stupid-easy vegan corned beef recipe, courtesy the Springs' own JL Fields of JL Goes Vegan.

So a happy St. Patrick's Day to all! Bet you didn't think I'd make it through this piece without a clover or leprechaun reference, did ya? (Damn.)

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