UPDATE: Old School Bakery at Ivywild ceasing baking operations


Old School Bakery, Southgate/South Downtown
  • Old School Bakery, Southgate/South Downtown
Blue Star Group owner Joseph Coleman reached out to provide additional information. Old School Bakery will cease baking operations at the Ivywild School, but as a business and brand, it will not be closing. He calls it a “pivot” in operations, which will allow the Blue Star Group to focus on improving quality for the heavily taxed kitchen, as well as add pizza to the menu.

"We're committed to better bread in Colorado Springs," he says, "and supporting young businesses. ... We're committed to great pastries — I think it's gonna be great next week, I'm not worried about quality, I'm excited about the future of what we're working on, and to expand Ivywild's kitchen selections."

He’s still hammering out details for his bread and pastry partners, but he was able to provide some details. For bread, he’s finalizing a partnership with Joshua Aldarondo, who he calls a "fantastic baker." A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Aldarondo's formerly of the Ritz-Carlton of Naples, Florida, according to his LinkedIn page, and in addition to acting as executive baker for the Broadmoor, he owns Delicias Bakery. As for where OSB would be getting its pastries, Coleman did not provide a name, but says he's looking toward a similar partnership of some sort with another baker.

Long-term, Coleman confirms that the Principal’s Office and the Ivywild School’s kitchen will both be remodeled and expanded, though he did not say what would happen to the Old School Bakery retail counter.

As for longer-term plans for the Blue Star Group as a whole, we have a meeting set with Coleman next week to discuss details and will report back soon.

———ORIGINAL POST 2:32 P.M. FRIDAY, DEC. 1, 2017 ———

The Old School Bakery, house bakery for the Ivywild School and part of the Blue Star Group, is closing after the end of its business day on Sunday, an employee confirmed Friday, Dec. 1. From Monday on, baked goods for the Ivywild School will be sourced through two separate bakeries outside of the building, though our source was unable to provide names.

Back to the School, we're told the bakery counter will remain open for now, though an extensive remodel has been planned. The kitchen, which serves the Principal's Office, the Bristol Pub and the Axe & the Oak Whiskey House, will remain open.

This closure is the third that the BSG has seen this year, after Nosh closed suddenly in May, followed by The Blue Star in October. Needless to say, a minimal-notice closure doesn't look great for BSG, but it's difficult to make any real judgement without more information.

We have reached out to Blue Star Group owner Joseph Coleman for comment but have not yet received a response. We'll update when we hear more.

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