Bristol Brewing Company adds canning line


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A Bristol employee just dropped off three (sadly unfilled) cans at the Indy office. Take a look at them in the slideshow below!
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Starting Oct. 2, Bristol Brewing Company will offer its Laughing Lab Scottish ale, Beehive blond ale and Compass IPA in 12-ounce aluminum cans.

"Those are our strongest flagships," says co-founder/owner Mike Bristol. "We look at cans as a way of extending where you can experience Bristol.” Cans are lighter and less likely to cause injury when broken than glass, making them preferable for toting beer on a hiking, biking or rafting trip.

Rather than establishing their own canning line, Bristol will be working with Denver's Great Divide Brewing Company.

“I’ve known [Great Divide founder/owner] Bryan Dunn for about 20 years now," says Bristol. "Both of our breweries have been around about the same amount of time.” The beers will still be brewed in Colorado Springs, but Bristol says they'll be shipped up to Great Divide's canning facility in Denver's River North neighborhood.

Bristol says those three beers will still be released in bottles. They'll be evaluating how well canning has served them at the end of the year. Bristol says it's likely they'll add a fourth canned offering — possibly something they already brew, possibly something new — in Spring or early Summer of 2018, with a mixed 12-pack to follow after.

In the mean time, Bristol says that the taproom will be releasing a coffee Dunkelweizen in the Bristol Pub on Thursday, Sept. 21, a collaboration with Loyal Coffee. Check Bristol's Facebook page for details.


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