Oskar Blues Brewery launches new canned cocktail line


Oskar Blues' line of canned cocktails launches with the mOSKow Mule - GRIFFIN SWARTZELL
  • Griffin Swartzell
  • Oskar Blues' line of canned cocktails launches with the mOSKow Mule
Lyons, Colorado-based Oskar Blues continues to expand its business ventures. The brewery/restaurant company/soda manufacturer/coffee roaster/boutique bicycle manufacturer has announced Spirits by Oskar Blues (S.O.B.), its brand of distilled spirits and canned cocktails. The first such cocktail, mOSKow Mule, is now available at bars and liquor stores across Colorado.

Oskar Blues recently sent us a sample of the mOSKow Mule as a promotion. The mix is based on Oskar Blues's house-brand B. Stiff and Sons ginger beer, mixed with vodka made from a "recipe perfected and distilled in Longmont," we're told, and canned with light carbonation. We get two cans of 7.43 percent ABV booze boxed with two limes — the cocktail has lime already, but it doesn't read when sipped straight from the can.

A pre-packaged cocktail is a tricky thing. Good cocktails depend heavily on the bartender's control of their ingredients and how they're mixed. Canned cocktails don't — can't — get the temperature and dilution control a good bartender has. They'll inevitably be shaken in transit, meaning subtle elements like those in whisky or gin will be bruised into oblivion.

Maybe that's why we feel the ginger in this drink tastes a hint stale or muted, even next to bottled ginger ales. That said, even served straight from a chilled can, it's not too sweet or boozy. We add the juice of the whole lime and find it's a little too limeade-tasting at the front of the sip, though the ginger rules the finish. According to our PR contact, a quarter of a lime should do for a four-pack, so keep that in mind.

All told, though, it's a step or three in quality above most pre-mixed drinks and alcopops on the market that we've tried. We're interested to see where OB goes with this in the future, both with this and with their S.O.B. distillery, set to open in 2018. In the mean time, we'll continue to review any booze that lands in our mailbox.

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