Soon you'll be able to buy a 1:6 scale doll of John Lennon, if you're into that kinda thing


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Yoko’s Lennon doll gets a touch-up. - MOLECULE8
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  • Yoko’s Lennon doll gets a touch-up.
Somewhere along the line, over the course of a half dozen or so moves, I mysteriously lost my 20-inch-tall cloth John Lennon doll.

Granted, the level of detail wasn’t particularly good: I would place it halfway between the Saturday morning Beatles cartoon and Casper the Friendly Ghost. But it was still recognizably John Lennon, thanks in large part to the inclusion of a plastic Rickenbacker guitar, as well as the fact that very few musicians reach that level of mass-produced stuffed effigy. In fact, those late-’80s “Beatles Forever” dolls were the only rock ‘n’ roll collectibles offered by Applause, a since-bankrupted novelty company that was better known for its tricycle-riding Curious George and a line of unremarkable Muppet dolls.

In any case, I have to admit that the cuddly John Lennon can’t hold a candle, not even a match, to the Yoko Ono-authorized, 1:6 scale, museum-quality John Lennon figurines that, according to manufacturer Molecule 8, will begin shipping later this month.

Just check out this selection of features (all exclamation points are mine!) culled from the new press release:
  • Stainless Steel Mark I: LITE Endoskeleton!
  • Two (2) interchangeable head sculpts!
  • Singing and resting facial expressions!
  • Interchangeable hands for various gestures!
  • Classic yellow-tinted glasses!
  • Round style glasses!
  • Three (3) “Imagine” era outfit options!
  • Steel metal ball joints!
  • Magnetic base and footwear!
  • Real leather belts!
  • Soft, lifelike skin!
Okay, that last one is really creepy.

Still, this is an intricately detailed, eerily realistic little replicant, one that even the most discerning 11-inch-tall Beatles enthusiast will mistake for the real thing (at least based on photos of the prototype created by artist K.A. Kim, who’s been described in one collector’s video as “a well-known head sculptor in the 1:6 scale world”).

If this is your kind of thing, you can go to and pre-order your very own Beatle. Be advised, however, that the shipping date was originally scheduled for September of 2017, so you might want to check with Yoko before handing over your $299.95.

The only other real question — and it’s a significant one — is what these things will end up looking like once they finally come off the production line. Personally, I’ll be waiting until I see one of those unboxing videos on YouTube. Come to think of it, I may just go on to eBay and pick up a used Applause doll. Bidding starts at $39.99. Yoko not included.


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