Triple Nickel saved by Flux and friends


Thursday's Billy Don Burns show is on, and the future's looking brighter.
  • Thursday's Billy Don Burns show is on, and the future's looking brighter.
What a difference a year makes!

Following this past Sunday, Dec. 31's Facebook message from Triple Nickel owner JJ Grueter that the venue would most likely shut its doors after its New Year's Eve show, the venue did indeed go dark.

But help is now on the way, courtesy of the local music community — in particular, Bryan Ostrow and the other folks at Flux Capacitor, a venue that also rose from the dead last year.

Here’s a post that went up on the Triple Nickel’s Facebook page:
Hello! We have a special and important announcement.
Jj was ready to stay closed and was very overwhelmed with the bar being the one person running it. But he was even more overwhelmed with the response, support, love, and outcry from everyone. He was offered help in many directions and was convinced to NOT have this be the end. We are excited to announce that The triple nickel and our friends at the flux capacitor will be partnering up. There will be changes at the bar including some layout, getting the kitchen running full on, consistent hours (open until 2 always), Bryan will be taking over more responsibilities with the bar aspect of things so that jj is not so overwhelmed, and more. All shows currently booked will be going on. And more news about this partnership will be discussed further. We will be open tomorrow night for a show with billy don burns and more! Also lookout for a couple fundraiser shows to help get a little more on track. No need for a gofundme, just simply come out and see us more often! We have shows and fun all the time! We are very eager to explore these new changes and partnership and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the tremendous outpour of support and love. You are the reason we are giving this another shot.
As noted, Thursday nights show with Billy Don Burns is still on, and you can find info on the show's own Facebook page.

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