Lamborn sought chairmanship of veterans committee


Lamborn: Wants to lead Committee on Veterans Affairs. - FILE PHOTO
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  • Lamborn: Wants to lead Committee on Veterans Affairs.
Rep. Doug Lamborn, who just won his sixth term in Congress, apparently wanted to capture a leadership position.

"Cong. Lamborn is vying for the chance to become the Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee," Stephannie Finley wrote in an email to various local officials on Oct. 23.

The message surfaced amid an Independent records request on another matter. Finley is executive director of university advocacy and partnerships for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and works on federal issues.

But, alas, he didn't get the slot.

From his communications director Jarred Rego, via email:
Congressman Lamborn was a finalist for the position of Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. The House Steering Committee selected Representative Phil Roe of Tennessee to serve as the HVAC Chair. Rep. Roe's background as a physician and Army veteran makes him well-positioned to lead the Committee in the next Congress.

While Lamborn has never chaired a U.S. House committee, he served as chair of the Colorado State Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee years ago.

Lamborn, who has no military experience, was a member of the U.S. House Veterans Affairs Committee in 2014 when news broke that clinics were not providing timely treatment and falsified records to avoid accountability for long delays.

The scandal included similar allegations at the Floyd K. Lindstrom Outpatient Clinic in Colorado Springs.

Facing a serious primary challenge from retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Bentley Rayburn, Lamborn was chided for his poor attendance at VA committee hearings. His general election opponent, another Air Force Maj. General Irv Halter, also blasted Lamborn for missing 19 Veterans Affairs Committee meetings. Lamborn countered through a spokesman, according to media reports, that he had other important meetings to attend during those times.

Here are Lamborn's committee assignments.

According to the congressman's U.S. House website:
Doug was then elected to the US House of Representatives in 2006 to represent Colorado’s Fifth District. Colorado’s Fifth District, based in Colorado Springs, is one of our nation’s most military-intensive congressional districts and the proud home to more than 100,000 veterans who have served our country with distinction and honor. Because of the district's military and veterans concentration, Doug serves as a high-ranking member on both the House Armed Services Committee and the House Veterans Affairs Committee. In these roles, he has protected important national defense funding, programs, and missions and has fought hard for the right of veterans to receive the healthcare they have earned. Additionally, the Congressman has worked since his first full day in office to bring about a dignified and fitting National Veterans Cemetery to the Pikes Peak Region, and he is well on the way to achieving that goal, with construction slated to begin in the near future.

Recently, Doug was named the Vice Chairman of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee. The Strategic Forces Subcommittee oversees our nation’s strategic weapons, ballistic missile defense, space programs, and Department of Energy national security programs (excluding nonproliferation programs). It makes sure our nation is properly prepared for any missile or nuclear attacks.

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