Manitou Art Center hosts show on treatment of aging women


Three pieces from Jo Hart's The Older We Get... - JO HART
  • Jo Hart
  • Three pieces from Jo Hart's The Older We Get...
Fresh off of a residency at the Pikes Peak Library District, artist Jo Hart will debut her newest exhibit, The Older We Get..., at the Manitou Arts Center on Friday, December 16, from 5 to 8 p.m. as part of the MAC's third Friday Art Attack.

“A lot of my work focuses on beauty & the female body,” says Hart. This exhibit, which features 12 porcelain sculptures between one and two feet tall, examines how women are seen and treated at different ages, from 18 to 76.

“There’s different points in our lives," she says. "When women are younger, there’s a lot of attention they get. There’s peak points. But as we get older, we get forgotten, pushed in a corner or ignored, and treated poorly. I’m trying to address the different ages in a woman’s life.”

The show will be on display through Sunday, Feb. 12, and each piece is for sale.

Read the press release in full below:
"The Older We Get..." invites viewers to examine society's views on aging women
Local artist Jo Hart showcases new body of work in first Colorado show

What: “The Older We Get…”, a fine art show by local artist Jo Hart, opens next week at the Manitou Arts Center. Featuring ten twelve porcelain sculptures ranging all approximately a foot tall and just a few inches wide, the show tackles the often-ignored topic of how society treats older women. Part-trophy, part-bust, the pieces are each prominently adorned with a number representing their age, addressing the emphasis placed on youth in modern culture and stereotypes aimed at each stage of a woman’s life.

“There’s beauty and purpose in all ages of a woman’s life,” Hart said. “But society puts so much importance on youth and often ignores women past a certain age. I hope people who see my show think about how much value they place on the women in their lives, and whether they honor the women they know, and women they don’t know.”

Who: After decades working as a graphic designer, Jo Hart returned to school to earn her master’s in fine arts in ceramics from Illinois State University in 2015. Seeking a different way of life, she moved to Colorado Springs, where she serves as TITLE at the Manitou Arts Center, teaches classes in a variety of mediums and explores women’s issues through her studio practice.

Where: Manitou Arts Center
513 Manitou Ave
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
(719) 685-1861

When: The opening for “The Older We Get…” will be held from 5-8 pm, Friday, Dec. 16. The show will run through Feb. 12.

More: The artist will be available during and after the opening reception for interviews. Pieces may be photographed during or after the opening reception.

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