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Drake Power Plant: A workhorse but also an albatross? - FILE PHOTO
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  • Drake Power Plant: A workhorse but also an albatross?
An electric ratepayer of Colorado Springs Utilities has filed a notice of claim with Colorado Springs Utilities demanding tens of millions of dollars be refunded to customers due to an alleged faulty decision on pollution control equipment at the Martin Drake Power Plant.

Nicola Rosa said in an Aug. 11 letter, submitted by attorney Perry Sanders representing her, that she believes the amount due "will be tens of millions of dollars on the low side and in excess of 100 million dollars on the high side."

At issue is the Utilities Board's decision in 2009 to award a sole-source contract to Springs-based Neumann Systems Group for pollution control equipment at Drake, which is required to meet EPA standards beginning next year. The equipment was experimental in nature, although numerous tests conducted at Drake over several years proved the equipment feasible.

The letter asserts that other companies were able to provide the equipment in the small footprint at Drake, but that wasn't the case at the time, according to statements made by Utilities staff and Utilities Board members at the time.

It's no secret that Rosa has dogged Utilities on emissions levels from Drake for several years. She's among those who want Drake removed. The plant supplies roughly a quarter to a third of the city's power and burns coal, although it's able to burn natural gas. The Utilities Board has voted to decommission the plant by 2035, but that's not soon enough for many critics.

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