Officer charged with felonies got to keep his badge and gun


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Dave Henrichsen faces felonies, and has retired from the CSPD. - DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
  • Douglas County Sheriff's Office
  • Dave Henrichsen faces felonies, and has retired from the CSPD.
In this week's edition of the Independent, we provide further information about a former Colorado Springs police officer who's charged with multiple felonies after working for years on a counterfeit sports gear scheme. ("Taking leave.")

Dave Henrichsen was deeply involved for many years, he told investigators, and even after his involvement apparently surfaced, was allowed to continue collecting his pay. He needed five more months to become vested in the pension plan, and he was paid during that time leading up to his voluntary retirement.

One loose end of the story left dangling because the Colorado Springs Police Department failed to respond to an Indy request submitted on Sept. 7: Was Henrichsen allowed to keep his badge and gun after retirement?

Yesterday after the Indy's press time, Lt. Howard Black said via email: "Both gun and badge were given to Hendrickson (sic). The Chief waited several months wanting to see the outcome of the investigation. With still no info on the investigation, he allowed the items to be released based on our matrix."

Here's the matrix he's speaking of:
See related PDF Retirement_Matrix.pdf



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