'Follow Your Fruits & Veggies'


Representatives from the state's Colorado Proud campaign will visit town next Wednesday, Aug. 24, from 3-7 p.m. as part of the Colorado Farm and Art Market at the Pioneer's Museum downtown. 
  • Courtesy Colorado Proud
Colorado Springs will be among 19 statewide stops on CP's Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey: 
... a month-long, historical and interactive trek among Colorado’s agricultural landscape. A Colorado Proud booth will feature costumed “fruits and veggies;” educational information and produce facts; recipe cards featuring locally-grown ingredients; representatives of Colorado Proud; Colorado seed packets; and other agri-fun experiences. ...
More than ever, consumers want to make informed decisions about what they choose to eat and the impact those choices have on Colorado’s economy, environment and heritage. The Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey was created to educate Coloradans about how and where their food is grown; integrate agricultural communities; and celebrate farmers. The Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey provides an understanding of the path – or journey – fruits and vegetables travel, from Colorado farms and fields to our tables. With more than 36,000 farms encompassing nearly 32 million acres, agriculture is a vital part of Colorado – providing more than 173,000 jobs; contributing more than $40 billion to the state’s economy annually; and feeding the world with nearly $2 billion in exported products. 
See more ecological and financial stats about our state's agriculture system here:
See related PDF Follow_Your_Fruits__Veggies_Journey_--_fact_sheet.docx.pdf
And see stats about El Paso County in particular here:
See related PDF El_Paso_County.pdf
  • Courtesy Colorado Proud

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