Wobbly Olive proprietors announce new venture


The Wobbly Olive's contribution to food culture on the east side of town has been significant since its opening in mid 2014. 

The food and drink offerings have continued to grow in sophistication and creative quality as owners Sean and Inez Fitzgerald have pushed themselves and their staff to grow. 

And they've contributed to building a serious cocktail scene in the city recently. 

Just today, they posted this by way of announcing a new project underway:
The exact address of the site will be 7702 Barnes Road. 

Sean, reached moments ago by phone, says the whole concept behind The Collective is that the east side still lacks the "community-forward line of thinking" that's abundant on the west side of town. "The community aspect is very important to us — the idea is a to be bar built around the neighborhood." 
A shell ready to be filled in with good food, spirits and people. - SEAN FITZGERALD
  • Sean Fitzgerald
  • A shell ready to be filled in with good food, spirits and people.
At the Wobbly Olive, he says, "we've been a great bridge between corporate food and more well known downtown destinations. We introduced people to new food and exotic flavors. But being surrounded by corporates, we aren't really a neighborhood place." 

That said, he wants The Collective to be even more casual, "like sophisticated bar food." That would be "everything you've had before, but we'll try to do it better."

And The Collective would dial down from the cutting-edge craft cocktail program to fun, simple drinks, often with four ingredients or less, he says. But he'd also aim to stock a huge selection of spirits so that any drink from the Wobbly could be made here, too. 

"This might sound lowbrow, but we want to make the best Jack and Coke you’ve ever had. Whether it's a beer, wine or that Jack and Coke, we'll do it with all the love in the world, even though it's not that complicated."  

Oh, and expect bike racks, he says, addressing one more element generally lacking on the east side. Now the only question for west siders: how to bike out there without getting run down by traffic. Anyone got an ideal route in mind?

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