Building3 Coffee Roasters soft opens Friday


Earlier this year, we spoke with two food-and-drink entities bound for openings in the new Lincoln School Development: Building3 Coffee Roasters and a yet-to-be-named bakery project

Actually, we spoke to a third, Local Relic brewery, who has since opted not to open in the space. (Though we'll have word soon on another brewery bound for it.)

Anyhow, Building3's owner/roaster Sean Buckles finally soft opened Friday — open until 4 p.m. if you want to be among the first to get a taste. 

A colleague dropped by and spoke highly of her experience. We'll host a formal review sometime in the coming weeks in our Dine & Dash column. Go before we do so you can be equipped to concur with our assessment or call us a bunch of no-nothing monkeys. Or something like that. 

I'm seeing one early, 5-star review on Building3's Facebook page from local chocolatier Jacquie Mosher of Radiantly Raw, which reads:
My husband just picked me up a cold brew that is fantastic! No cream or sugar needed - just the way I like it. We have been enjoying your coffee at Peak Place and Wild Goose for sometime now, and we are excited that you have your own spot. Good job and congratulations on your soft opening! 

Building3 boasts an elegant interior. - RILEY BRATZLER
  • Riley Bratzler
  • Building3 boasts an elegant interior.

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