How to land $100 worth of goat


Former Indy blogger The Goat Cheese Lady is calling for support to bring her dream creamery to fruition. 

She's $13,000 shy of funds to install a foundation and get to market sooner. So she's making an appeal to some dedicated shoppers to each go big one a basket of goat-product goodies.

No, not to the tune of $240 worth of pudding, but for a tally of $100 for a mixed box of soaps, lotions and lip balms. Pickups would take place at Ranch Foods Direct's market. 

Full details are below:
Buy A $100 Box to Help Build The Goat Cheese Lady Creamery
For years, people have told me I ought to sell more of my goat milk lotion, soaps and lip balms. I ought to put them in stores, market them more on the internet, have more for sale at the farm. I know I should…but CHEESE is my passion. I love to MAKE CHEESE. I love to TEACH CHEESE. I want to SELL CHEESE. 
The Goat Cheese Lady's manufacturing department. - LINDSEY APARICIO
  • Lindsey Aparicio
  • The Goat Cheese Lady's manufacturing department.
I want to SELL CHEESE that reminds a person of what her Italian grandmother made. I want to SELL CHEESE that makes local restaurant chefs proud to have on their menus. I want to SELL CHEESE that brings our local terroir to the kitchens and dinner tables of cheese connoisseurs who appreciate and value the goat milk, green pasture, good hay, time, art and passion that go into making artisan cheese.
To realize my dream of making and selling cheese, my husband, our boys and I are building, after years of planning and designing, a small creamery in Penrose, Colorado, from which we can SELL CHEESE!
But we ran into a financial road block. After installing the septic tank for the creamery, we began getting bids for the foundation. $13,000. It was much more than we expected and pushes us way over our budget. We put on the brakes. I got mad. I cried. The creamery we thought would be up and running last May is only an empty septic tank in the ground. We can’t put in the foundation – thus using up much of our budget – and risk not having enough money to cover it with walls and a roof. It would be ruined. When my husband said we might have to wait one or two years, I yelled.
NO!! I don’t want to wait one or two years more to have our creamery. By the time our goats have their babies next Spring, I want to be using their milk to make and sell cheese.
I began to think, HOW CAN I MAKE $13,000…FAST? How can we cash flow the foundation so it puts us back into budget?
I could go back to work at a “regular job.” My answer, not surprising to those who know me, was no.
I could sell lots of soaps, lotions and lip balms. $5 a piece for a bar of soap or a 4 oz bottle of lotion means selling 2,600 individual bars and bottles. My brain couldn’t handle that number and it seemed out of reach.
OR WAIT! ….I could sell $100 Boxes filled with soaps, lotions and lip balms! That would mean only selling 130 boxes! I could wrap my mind around that idea!
So, the idea for the $100 Box was born. I will sell $100 Boxes of Goat Milk Soap, Lotion and Lip Balm and I only need to sell 130 to pour the floor of The Goat Cheese Lady Creamery, but I need your help!
HERE IS HOW YOU CAN HELP: Order a $100 Box (or two or three). Fill your showers, bathtubs, kitchen sinks and bathrooms with soap and lotion that has a purpose. Use your $100 Box to stock up on birthday gifts, hostess gifts, employee gifts, client and co-worker appreciation gifts or “just because” gifts. We make all of the Goat Milk Soap, Lotion and Lip Balm right here on our farm in small batches. You can help us raise the money to pour the foundation to take us one step closer to having The Goat Cheese Lady Creamery by next Spring!
HERE IS WHAT YOU GET: $100 of any combination our Goat Milk Soaps, Lotions and Lip Balms.
HERE IS HOW YOU DO IT: Fill out an order form. The soaps are $5 each, the lotions are $5 each for 4 oz bottles and $10 each for 8 oz bottles and the lip balms are $2.50 each. You choose from the scents and sizes until your total adds up to $100. You pay when you order and pick up your $100 Box at Ranch Foods Direct when all of your items are ready. We can also ship your $100 Box to you (shipping cost is not included in the $100).

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