Get your Ash downtown, Pokémon take over the Indy


Welcome to the Colorado Springs Independent, flagship newspaper of the Colorado Publishing House, and local Pokémon GO gym. 

As of this writing, we here in the newsroom don't know a lot about the recent Poké-explosion, outside of the social media onslaught that's come with it, and this explainer courtesy of Vox, but that should change as several staffers — who shall remain nameless — have started catching them all.

What we can tell you, if you're familiar with Pokémon of old, is that the mobile app is a real-time virtual representation of the beloved card game; you travel around capturing a variety of Pokémon to later battle and evolve in more places around your location. Here's a trailer:

We also know that our office building, at 235 S. Nevada Ave., is now a designated gym site, where GO players can battle against other Pokémon. (Word is there's a Pokémon on the property as well — don't ask me to name it — near one of the art installations located along the south side of the building.)

It's safe to say that GO is a hit, but it's not all well and good. Police in Missouri have said they believe armed robbery suspects have used the game to lure victims to secluded locations, as reported by The Guardian, and social media was buzzing when a Wyoming teen found a dead body while searching for Pokémon

All in all, though, the game is meant to be a fun way to get players outside and moving (just be careful). And if you're ready to battle or need to add to your Pokedex, make your way downtown to the Indy office. We're apparently very Poké-friendly.

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