UPDATE: Gutter politics continue in House District 16



UPDATE: We received a response to our question to Larry Liston, Did you assault this woman?

Says Liston: "Not only NO!!!!, but Hell NO!!!!. I haven't seen or talked with this "lady" for over 12 years. This is just another act of desperation form a despicable and desperate campaign that is losing. John Hotaling has sunk to another new low, if such a thing is even possible. shame on Joshi. He has lost total control of his campaign."

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If you've been following the Republican primary race in House District 16, you might want to put your waders on. It's getting pretty deep.

First, as we reported previously, incumbent  Janak Joshi attacked challenger Larry Liston, who held the seat from 2004 to 2012, with a mailer purportedly written by State Sen. Kent Lambert. The mailer went to Liston donors and accused him of being a liberal cross-dresser. It urged the donors to ask for their money back.

The latest on that strategy comes from Colorado Government Watch, which reports that the Joshi campaign finally admitted to being behind that mailer and Lambert played a nominal role, although he endorsed the tactic.

Then, a few days ago, a mailer funded by  Independent Expenditure Committee El Paso Conservative Forum of Denver hit mailboxes in the House district. The mailer, which cost $2,913.55, according to a campaign finance report, says of Joshi: "Can you trust him? A former patient trusted him ... and DIED due to Dr. Joshi's malpractice! RESULT: Colorado Medical Board revoked his license!"

The mailer provides this link to the agreement in which Joshi agreed to surrender his license.

The committee has reported only two donations so far, $100 each from political consultant Michael Hesse of Denver and retired state lawmaker Bill Sinclair of Colorado Springs. The next filing is due on June 27, the day before the primary election.

Now, Joshi is striking back with more allegations against Liston, including a claim by an elderly woman that he grabbed her arms some years ago while refusing to answer her question, which is not revealed, leaving her arms bruised. You can see that video on this link, which does not have any information on who paid for the website.

However, an electronic mailer of the video is being distributed by Dave Williams, who's running unopposed for the Republican nomination in House District 15, a seat now held by Gordon Klingenschmitt, who's seeking the GOP nomination in Senate District 12 against challenger Robert Gardner, a former House member. Williams ran against Klingenschmitt two years ago for the House seat in a campaign also marked by nasty tactics.

Williams' letter:
This is shameful, disrespectful, just plain wrong.

Larry Liston physically assaulted and intimidated a sweet great grandma.

Before Larry Liston was kicked out of public service by the voters, Peg (a constituent who Liston was supposed to be serving) asked him a tough question. Liston refused to answer her question.

Peg wanted an answer from her representative and insisted that Larry Liston be held accountable.

That's when things got bad for Peg.

Instead of doing the right thing and serving Peg, Larry Liston's anger took over and he got rough with an elderly lady he knew he could scare.

Peg recalled the violent incident.

"He grabbed me by my arms, and shook, and I got out of his grasp. When I got home I had some bruises, my arms were sore."

Larry Liston can't handle it when someone questions him or exposes his deceptive record. Whenever someone does, he lashes out and he shows his true nature.

"Peg" tells her story about "bully" Larry Liston. - WWW.LARRYLIES.COM
  • www.larrylies.com
  • "Peg" tells her story about "bully" Larry Liston.
Larry Liston is a bully who disrespects his elders and women. He certainly won't answer for his record or positions. And if you push, Larry Liston may get rough with you or someone you love.

Please share this email and video with your friends and neighbors ASAP.

If you, or anyone else, have been harmed by Larry Liston please follow Peg's courage and come forward so that no one else will be a victim of his.

For Liberty (and stoping bullies),


P.S. James, please support Janak Joshi in HD16, the only candidate in this race not to have physically harassed voters in his district.

To translate: Republicans are beating each other up trying to gain control of the state House as well as the Senate. The more traditional Republicans, like Liston and Gardner who have reached across the aisle to find common ground with Democrats, are locked in battle with the more extreme, uncompromising faction of the party represented by Joshi, Lambert, Williams and Klingenschmitt.

Vote in the June 28 primary. Ballots have been mailed. If you haven't received one, call 575-8683.

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