Stormwater projects announced


The city made a big splash Wednesday in announcing its program of work to get the city's stormwater system up to snuff. 

The $460 million deal with Pueblo County is largely responsible. 

See the list of projects here:
See related PDF Stormwater_Projects_Fact_sheet_051716.pdf The city's release:

Seventy-one (71) stormwater projects will be completed over the next twenty years under an Inter-Government Agreement (IGA) signed April 28 by the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Utilities and Pueblo County. Mayor John Suthers, City Council President Merv Bennett and other City and community leaders commemorated the event today at the site of a 2016 project to stabilize the channel along Sand Creek south of Platte Ave. (Project information included in attached fact sheet)

In an effort to inform residents about how General Fund dollars will be allocated to stormwater infrastructure and what projects will take place around the city to maintain a healthy stormwater system the Stormwater Division has launched an interactive map highlighting locations of all stormwater projects scheduled for 2016 and the 71 projects outlined in the Inter-Governmental Agreement. Projects range from large IGA projects, community and local projects, and grant/capital improvements. These stormwater projects are designed to enhance public safety, provide improved water detention, and reduce flows, sediment and other pollutants entering drainages and going downstream.

The City of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Utilities and Pueblo County signed the Inter-Governmental Agreement committing the City and Colorado Springs Utilities to spend $460 million for stormwater infrastructure, maintenance/operations, and education programs over the next two decades (contingent on annual appropriations) to improve the City’s stormwater system. Included in the $460 million is funding to leverage money towards additional grant projects and to address neighborhood and local stormwater projects.

The IGA also describes the City’s responsibilities for the provision of stormwater services within the City’s jurisdiction and under the MS4 permit issued under the federal Clean Water Act and its state counterpart. The 71 IGA projects were selected based on negotiations with Pueblo County to identify and prioritize stormwater projects that would benefit both Colorado Springs and downstream communities.
Here's the IGA:
See related PDF Pueblo_CSIGA.pdf

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