Two new Local Relic beers at Peak Place Coffeehouse


Local Relic brewer Grant Goodwiler, as seen at one of last year's beer dinners. - MATTHEW SCHNIPER
  • Matthew Schniper
  • Local Relic brewer Grant Goodwiler, as seen at one of last year's beer dinners.
The last time Local Relic released a beer at Peak Place Coffeehouse, it sold out fast — while Local Relic co-owner Melissa Lofton says it took 90 minutes, brewer Grant Goodwiler estimates an hour or less. So for next Saturday's release party, Peak Place GM Vinnie Snyder bought Local Relic's full stock of two beers.

The first, appropriately coffee-related, is a kölsch brewed with cascara, the fruity pulp that grows around a coffee bean. According to Goodwiler, Snyder wanted a kölsch for the event.

“Coffee kolsch sounds way out there, even for us," says Goodwiler. So rather than obliterate the light German ale with heavy coffee, he added the fruity cascara. For those unfamiliar, Goodwiler says cascara is hard to describe on its own, but it's responsible for the unique taste of Ethiopian coffee beans. 

The second beer Snyder will feature is a raspberry barelywine that Goodwiler has been aging for a little over three months. Goodwiler says that though the raspberries aren't in-your-face strong, they're definitely present, even with the powerful malt backbone and potent 12 percent ABV. Funny enough, it wasn't brewed for Snyder. Rather, after the last Local Relic release sold out so quickly, he went looking through Goodwiler's stock and fell for this brew. Like the cascara kölsch, it will be a Peak Place exclusive.

For more information on the event, click here.

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