UPDATE: The go karts are coming ... in July


The go karts are still coming, but they won't be here until June. According to Overdrive Raceway:

The Grand Opening of Overdrive Raceway in Colorado Springs has been delayed due to weather. Because of all the recent snow we can no longer open Memorial Weekend as planned. The new opening date is July 2, 2016. 

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  • Overdrive Raceway

I have always liked to drive fast.

Back in the 1990s, I was the teenager that made you cuss in front of your kids — the crazy person driving 120 mph and weaving between traffic. I was the one flashing my lights at you when I zoomed up behind you in the fast lane, signaling for you to get your slow ass over. I was the one who passed you in the no-passing lane on that scary mountain road.

That was me, and I am sorry. I was a total jerk.

As a real, bonafide adult, I have taken out my love of going fast on other things, like mountain bikes and — on a special occasion — go karts. Yes, I'm an adult and I like go karts. Go karts are fun

The problem with go karts, however, is that they are only in Denver. There used to be a trailer along the highway on the northern end of the Springs that advertised a new go kart track coming soon — and got me all excited for like three years — but the track never seemed to show up.

So imagine my excitement when I received a press release this morning stating that the "first two-level indoor electric go kart facility in the country" was being built in Colorado Springs. Apparently, this fancy new track will even have cars that can accommodate people who don't have legs or don't have the use of their legs. Here's the whole release:

Jim Mundle, a double amputee, will offer hand-controlled go karts for amputees, paraplegics and disabled racers

Colorado Springs, CO - On May 28, 2016, Colorado Springs will be home to a new indoor recreation business – the first two-level indoor electric go kart facility in the country. The new entertainment project is being built at Polaris Pointe, a new retail complex southeast of Interstate 25 at North Gate Boulevard, east of the Air Force Academy, next to Bass Pro Shops. “This was the perfect location for us,” says Owner Jim Mundle, “Bass Pro Shops gets 2 million visitors a year. We’re hoping to capitalize on that traffic and become a destination for visitors and tourists in Colorado Springs and the entire Rocky Mountain region.”

Overdrive Raceway will be a housed in a 68,000 sq. ft. steel building and will feature two ¼ mile Formula One race tracks on two floors. The first level will be a technical track with adult and child karts, the second level will be a track built for speed. The race track has a $6 million dollar price tag and will offer a concession area, pro shop, arcade, party area, bar & lounge and conference rooms. “I expect this to be the perfect destination for birthday or office parties and corporate retreats, but I also want to help the disabled.” says Mundle.

Mundle is a double amputee, having lost both his legs below the knee to staph infections as a result of Type 1 Diabetes. But despite his setbacks in life, he keeps a positive outlook and wants to help others. That’s one reason he’s purchasing four hand-controlled go karts for those who cannot use their legs to drive. The specialty-made karts cost more than $12,000 each and currently in development at the kart manufacturer in Italy. Mundle says he plans to order them as soon as they’re available. The hand-controlled karts are for amputees, those who are paralyzed from the waist down, or disabled in a way where they can’t drive a car, but can still use their hands. “We really want to be inclusive to everyone,” says Mundle. “Businesses can be a vehicle for good and I want to give people experiences they couldn’t otherwise have.”

Each track can accommodate 10 racers at a time. The goal is to record the fastest time. Electric karts offer more torque than traditional gasoline karts. Adult karts have a top speed of 55 mph, while the child karts top 25 mph. Overdrive Raceway will provide helmets and safety training to everyone before they ride. The facility will also offer summer camps for kids, league racing for adults, private parties and full track rental.

As for the customer experience, Mundle, who used to work as a chef at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in Orlando, Florida, is using the personalized training he received at Disney to offer world-class customer service here in Colorado. “This won’t just be an attraction, it will be an entire experience. This has been my dream for the past four years. We want people to feel good when they leave and to know we exceeded their expectations. We have a fun business but we want customer service to be our motto and our focus. In this country, a lot of that has been lost.” 

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