Top three severance amounts for city employees


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City Attorney Massey is top dog for severance pay. - FILE PHOTO
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  • City Attorney Massey is top dog for severance pay.
This week, we reported there are 13 top city officials who might walk away with six months salary if let go without cause. 

Who stands to be paid the most?

City Attorney Wynetta Massey, $96,138.
Chief of Staff Jeff Greene, $93,472.50.
Police Chief Pete Carey, $91,389.

But each of those deals is different. Only Massey has an unequivocal guarantee in her employment agreement saying the city agrees to pay severance pay if she's dismissed without cause.

Greene's agreement makes payment of severance pay contingent on the mayor's discretion, and Carey's agreement says his severance is subject to Policy 66, which leaves the payout to the mayor's discretion as well.

Others with wording in their agreements that seems to guarantee a severance payment:

Emergency Management and Recovery Director/Deputy Chief of Staff Bret Waters, $80,752.
Aviation Director Dan Gallagher, 80,117.50
Planning Director Peter Wysocki, 80,030.
Parks Director Karen Palus, 71,361.50
City Clerk Sarah Johnson, 62,222.


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