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Come on, how can you resist that face? - COURTESY SHELTER ISLAND FILMS
  • Courtesy Shelter Island Films
  • Come on, how can you resist that face?
Fundraising for A Voice for Lil Olive has now surpassed $55,000, as Pete Schuermann and crew opted to extend the deadline on their Indiegogo campaign. 

Here's how that decision was made, according to Kirsten Akens:
 Late yesterday the folks at Indiegogo reached out and encouraged us to extend our campaign for another two weeks. They feel strongly that with a little extra time we can meet, and perhaps even surpass, our initial goal of $85,000. They evaluated our current campaign site, and made suggestions on how we can not only improve upon it but attract new audiences. This seems to be quite unusual in the realm of crowd funding so we took their overture seriously, and after much discussion, decided to go ahead and extend our campaign through March 31.


Local filmmaker Pete Schuermann is preparing to make his next documentary film, called A Voice for Lil Olive
We reported on Schuermann's last big effort, The Creep Behind the Camera, between 2010 and 2014. 

This time around, the filmmaker has rallied a small celebrity group around the topic of puppy mills

Presently, there's two days left in an Indiegogo campaign that seeks to raise $85,000 toward the initial costs of what's projected to be a $485,000 film. As of this writing, just over $41,000 has been collected. 

Here's a little more on what Schuermann and crew are up to via Indy contributing writer and former copy editor Kirsten Akens who is acting as both a writer and producer for the film: 
It’s a film that will be based on the story of a puppy mill survivor named Lil Olive, with the intent of being the definitive documentary on puppy mills. In a similar vein to a documentary like “Super Size Me,” which through education and consumer pressure brought changes to the menus at McDonald’s, we hope to bring some major shifts in the commercial breeding of dogs that happens through puppy mills.

We have an amazing professional team working on this film, and we’ve already got four celebrities behind us (officially at least, a few others are in various stages of negotiations — we’re always looking to add more!): Patrick Fabian, from Better Call Saul; Laurel Harris, from Odd Thomas; for The X-Files fans, William B. Davis, aka The Smoking Man; and Golden Globe winner Linda Blair, who also founded the WorldHeart Foundation, an animal rescue organization in California. And the awesome Danielle Ate the Sandwich has been doing original music for us. 
And a teaser trailer:


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