Does City Council need more helpers?


Knight: Maybe Council needs more staff. - FILE PHOTO
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  • Knight: Maybe Council needs more staff.
As we speak, City Council is discussing the prospect of increasing its staff.

Currently, the nine-member Council has a budget for five helpers, including an administrator.

In a Feb 23 e-mail to his colleagues, Councilor Don Knight says he's interested in expanding that staff:

As I talked to other Council members from around the country, I could not help but notice how many of them have aides or staff assigned directly to them. Attached is a spreadsheet that [Council staffer] Bethany did for me showing cities above and below our population as well as four Colorado Cities.

While the Mayor has talked about a Charter review committee to include the possibility of raising Council salaries, I am now leaning more towards using any new found dollars to increase our staff first before our salaries. 

The chart he's referring to can be found here:

See related PDF Council_Aides_around_the_Country_Sheet1.pdf
This chart shows, for example, that Albuquerque's nine members have 16 staff, and New Orleans' has 44. In Denver, 24 aides work for the 13-member City Council. Pueblo, on the other hand, has three staffers for seven Council members.

Here, though, Council members are considered part-time and are paid only $6,250 a year, despite a schedule like this one:
See related PDF March_2016_Council_Calendar.pdf

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