Abortion rights, gay marriage should be reversed, GOP says


This was the scene in a caucus at Doherty High School on Tuesday night. - PAM ZUBECK
  • Pam Zubeck
  • This was the scene in a caucus at Doherty High School on Tuesday night.

Tuesday night, Doherty High School was abuzz with hundreds of people caucusing for the election. The precinct caucus that I attended drew only 15 Republican voters, but other classrooms were jammed with 30 or more.

Besides choosing delegates and alternates to the El Paso County Republican and state assemblies, voters were handed copies of three resolutions to be introduced at the county assembly from which they will be forwarded to the state assembly, and, in all likelihood, will wind up being part of the Republican national platform.

All three deal with issues that have already been settled and are a matter of law, but Republicans simply won't take no for an answer — even from the Supreme Court. Which underscores the importance of whoever is nominated and confirmed as the new Supreme Court justice after the demise of Antonin Scalia.

The three resolutions deal with abortion, gay marriage and "religious liberty."

Read them in detail here:
See related PDF GOPResolutions.pdf  
In addition, those attending the caucus cast straw poll ballots for president. Ben Carson won with five votes. Donald Trump was second with four, followed by Marco Rubio with three and Ted Cruz with two.

News reports from the night indicated a robust turnout on the Democratic side, with Sen. Bernie Sanders winning the state of Colorado.

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