Rain barrel law advances


  • Ian MacKenzie

My neighbor has had a barrel under her home's downspout for years. I'd walk by and think, tsk, tsk, illegal. She also has the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood, thanks to saving and using all that rain water.

Soon, that practice may no longer be illegal.

According to Conservation Colorado, growing pressure from citizens has led the Colorado House to adopt House Bill 1005, which allows residents to use rain barrels.

Here's what Conservation Colorado Executive Director Pete Maysmith had to say about that in a statement:

The people of Colorado have spoken and their elected officials have listened. Citizens in our state want the senseless ban on rain barrels to be lifted so they can use this conservation tool to water their lawns and gardens. We couldn’t be more thrilled that this important bill has cleared its first house on the path to become law.

In particular, we thank Reps. Daneya Esgar and Jessie Danielson for being dogged sponsors and champions of the bill. We also applaud Reps. Lori Saine and Jon Becker for leading collaboration across the aisle, which is the Colorado way of doing business. We now look forward to Sen. Michael Merrifield carrying the torch across the finish line in the state Senate.

Here's what the Denver Post editorial board had to say about capture rain and reusing it.

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