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Dear not long after he was arrested on Nov. 27. - FILE PHOTO
  • File photo
  • Dear not long after he was arrested on Nov. 27.
A mental evaluation ordered for Robert L. Dear, 57, accused in the Nov. 27 Planned Parenthood shooting, won't be finished for another two weeks, District Judge Gilbert Martinez announced yesterday in a brief hearing in the case.

Dear, from Hartsel, is charged with 179 counts, including murder charges in the shooting that killed three people and injured nine.

Wearing a lime green jail suit which connotes "precautions," according to the Sheriff's Department's jail coding, Dear sat almost mute as Martinez worked out with attorneys the next hearing date, which will be March 23.

In an email explaining the color-coding, Sheriff's spokesperson Jackie Kirby noted, "It is not intended to comment on, or verify, the status or concerns of any particular inmate. It is simply a system that is utilized to maintain safety and security of all in the facility.

As the hearing ended, Dear said, "I would like to say something, your honor." To which Martinez said, "You cannot."

According to other local media, even when the mental evaluation is completed, the defense or prosecution can challenge it and ask that another review be done.

Local media, including the Independent and Gazette, are seeking the release of affidavits in the Dear case which would more fully reveal what happened on that frigid, snowy day of the shooting. But Martinez has ruled they should remain closed.


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