Ranch Foods Direct finally open in new market


Mike Callicrate had originally hoped to be open this past December at the new Ranch Foods Direct Market & Deli at 1228 E. Fillmore St., formerly a Conway's Red Top. 

But due to some unexpected delays in the buildout, he wasn't able to open until now. 

That's the news in Friday's newsletter from RFD: The doors are open. Here's details from the release:

The new Ranch Foods Direct retail store at 1228 E. Fillmore has more space, more products and several brand new features! Highlights include a bulk goods station, a hot food and deli counter and indoor seating areas. The remodeled building is light and airy, incorporating exposed ceiling beams to create a cool industrial look. Several items throughout the store have been re-purposed from the original Conway's Red Top, a former RFD customer restaurant that operated in the location for many years. (Conway's was praised by writer Eric Schlosser as an ideal example of everything a local, family-owned hamburger stand should be in his food industry expose, Fast Food Nation. Today the closest equivalent model would be Drifters Hamburgers.)

Although it will be a few more days before all of the new features are fully operational, now customers can enjoy shopping in a well-appointed retail store again after two weeks of "cooler shopping" at the old location. "Our customers have been so patient and supportive as we've made the move. They've really stood behind us and if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have been able to grow and expand the way we have," says owner Mike Callicrate. "I'm looking forward to introducing everyone to all of the great new changes we've been able to make by moving to our new location."

Hours of operation at the new store will remain the same. They are: M-F 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mike Callicrate in the new space. - COURTESY RANCH FOODS DIRECT
  • Courtesy Ranch Foods Direct
  • Mike Callicrate in the new space.

I'd say "X marks the spot," but they drew dots. - COURTESY RANCH FOODS DIRECT
  • Courtesy Ranch Foods Direct
  • I'd say "X marks the spot," but they drew dots.

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