Collins found in violation of ethics code


Collins: She violated the code.
  • Collins: She violated the code.
Remember all the hubbub over City Councilor Helen Collins' land transaction deal with Douglas Bruce

Well the hearing officer, Boyd Boland, finally has ruled:
Now, having the benefit of all of the evidence admitted during the evidentiary hearing and the arguments of the parties, I find by clear and convincing evidence and conclude that Ms. Collins violated the City’s Code of Ethics...

The appropriate sanction for Ms. Collins’ improper conduct in violation of the Code of Ethics is censure in the form of a formal, official reprimand by the City Council, without fine or suspension of her rights as a Council Member.
Read the full decision here:
See related PDF Collins_Initial_Decision.pdf
City Council will consider a resolution Monday that sets out a timeline for determining whether Collins violated the city's ethics code.

Read the background of this case here.

Under the proposal, here's the schedule:

• The hearing officer apparently delivered a decision to Council on Feb. 16. See above.

• Written objections to the findings due no later than March 8, 2015. (No, that's not a misprint. Last year's date is stated in the proposed resolution.)

• Council will hold a special meeting on March 15, 2016, to consider the hearing officer's finding and any objections and "affirm, reject, or modify the findings." That action will be final one taken by Council.

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