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Weinstein: Finally received a FOIA response. - FILE PHOTO
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  • Weinstein: Finally received a FOIA response.
Word comes from Vincent Ward, attorney for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, that the Air Force Academy has finally started releasing documents pursuant to a years-old request.

Here's some background on this issue.

Ward writes this to MRFF's founder and CEO Mikey Weinstein:

Pursuant to an agreement reached with the Air Force Academy’s (AFA) lawyers after MRFF filed its lawsuit, last week the AFA finally produced nearly 3,000 documents that are the subject of the lawsuit. The AFA intends to produce more documents in the near future.

MRFF’s attorneys, Vincent Ward and Amber Fayerberg of Freedman, Boyd Hollander Goldberg Urias & Ward, PA, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are currently reviewing the documents to ensure the AFA has fully complied with all FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] requirements.

This is a significant victory for open government and the mission of MRFF.
The request was submitted in 2011 and a lawsuit was filed recently to try to jar loose the documents. While we can't say if there are any gems in those documents worth reporting, the academy seems to have taken the lawsuit seriously.

"After many years of fighting the Air Force Academy to get them to do the right thing, when faced with dealing with a lawsuit in fed court, the academy finally became responsive," Weinstein says. "They don't get a gold star for this."

He adds that his organization will sift through the documents for clues about how the academy dealt on the down-low with Weinstein, MRFF, his family and others regarding religious freedom issues, not to mention former Dean of Faculty Brig. Gen. Dana Born's order to a subordinate to initiate a counter insurgency against MRFF, Weinstein and its supporters.

Weinstein also says if it's found that the documents are redacted without reasonable legal basis, "We'll go back to court."

Stay tuned.


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