Invasion of the snow plows!


Here's a guide the city provided to help people cooperate on residential street plowing.
  • Here's a guide the city provided to help people cooperate on residential street plowing.

With up to 16 inches of snow having fallen all over town, the city has decided to take a very rare step. Or should we say scoop.

Mayor John Suthers apparently has authorized the Public Works Division to begin plowing the streets in residential areas, starting today. Crews will stay on a full call-out with 40 plows and trucks through the weekend to clear residential streets.

From a news release:
The below information is intended to help residents better understand timeline and plan for plowing residential areas:

· The Public Works Operations & Maintenance Division has divided the city into 62 grids that outline plowing sequences throughout the city. Multiple grids will be plowed simultaneously with plows making one pass in/out of the neighborhood. Once a driver completes a grid they will move to the next grid until all grids in their designated area are complete.

· Crews will be working in neighborhoods daily through the weekend from 3 a.m. to 9 p.m.

· The City reminds residents that pushing snow onto sidewalks and driveways is an unfortunate consequence of plowing any street with heavy plows. We understand this may be frustrating to some and our crews work diligently to create the least impact on neighborhoods. However, feedback received is that the priority is to keep our streets passable and continue to plow the streets.

· Residents can minimize the impacts of plowing on their street by shoveling a “pocket” on the street to the right (facing the home) of their driveway to leave a space for the plow to drop snow and keep their driveway clear.

· Residents are encouraged to park their vehicles off of the streets, if possible, to avoid snow accumulating around their vehicles.
So this means people can help the city a great deal by moving their cars out of the way, if possible, and then not gripe if they come home to a ridge of snow in front of their driveways. 

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