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It's unclear exactly what this means, but Gov. John Hickenlooper announced during his state of the state address today that Colorado Springs will host the National Cybersecurity Intelligence Center.

A news release issued by the city follows, but it doesn't really explain what this center is, and whether it's sanctioned by anyone other than locals who are cooking up a label to hype to business and academic interests.

We also don't know if it's tied to the Pentagon, National Security Agency, CIA and FBI, or if it's only ginned up by local folks with hopes of achieving national prominence.

Nor does the news release say anything about the number of jobs the center will bring and where, exactly, it will be located, though it seems apparent it will be housed by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
Colorado Springs will be the home of a National Cybersecurity Intelligence Center, a planned national resource which will be “the country’s foremost authority on cybersecurity research and development, training and education,” Governor Hickenlooper announced today. The vision for the Center will be advanced through collaboration between federal, state and city government, the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs and the regional technology community.

Under the proposal, the Center would be housed in Colorado Springs, on UCCS property. The city was chosen as the location because of its “impressive concentration of assets, private sector interest and connection to the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs’ cybersecurity program,” said Hickenlooper, who also recognized the region’s “highly qualified workforce already plugged into this burgeoning industry.”

Hickenlooper recognized both Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers and UCCS Chancellor Pamela Shockley-Zalabak for their collaboration in advancing plans for the Center.

“I have said often that Colorado Springs has what it takes to become the cybersecurity capital of the nation,” said Suthers. “With our concentration of technological experts, both military and civilian, our outstanding educational institutions in UCCS and the Air Force Academy and our available workforce, we are ready to embrace this opportunity and look forward to the positive impact that such a designation will have on our City’s economic vitality.”

“I am proud of UCCS cybersecurity programs and the university’s outstanding faculty. UCCS students are excellent and will build the workforce of the future,” said Shockley-Zalabak. “We look forward to continued collaboration with Mayor Suthers and other public officials as we advance this exciting initiative.”

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