Citizens hailed as heroes by police



Wednesday night, the Colorado Springs Police Department held its annual awards ceremony at Stargazers Theatre and recognized citizens who've assisted in crime prevention, apprehension of suspects or lent valuable service to the department.

The department also recognized its own.

Amanda Terrell-Orr, in the Planning, Grants and Research Section, was recognized as the Civilian of the Year. The department said in an overview of her service:
Amanda has a passion for victim advocacy. Following the Centennial Blvd shooting, a multidisciplinary team of behavioral health and victim advocacy professionals began meeting daily to address the psychological aftermath of the incident. This team included representatives from at least 14 agencies, with four City departments represented. Together the team designed and staffed a Community Crisis Recovery Center; designed and staffed a Responder Family Resource Expo; conducted outreach and provided services to every person known to be present at the incident; conducted outreach to businesses in the area of the incident; developed an interim crisis recovery website; and are working toward implementation of a long-term recovery website. This multidisciplinary response to behavioral health needs in the community was unprecedented in Colorado Springs. The response was highly complimented by state-level partners who have been involved in other incidents. Amanda was a primary planner for the Community Crisis Recovery Center & Responder Family Resource Expo.
Read her full nomination here:
See related PDF 2016_Awards_Civilian_of_the_Year.pdf

Here are descriptions of citizens' contributions:
See related PDF 2016_Awards_Citizens_Awards.pdf
Department commendations:
See related PDF 2016_Awards_Department_Commendations.pdf
Officers also were honored for saving lives:
See related PDF 2016_Awards_Life_Savaing_Awards.pdf

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