Give to Give! on Colorado Gives Day


Look, I know how you feel.

I too have had to watch my back at the local Michaels to avoid being plowed over by shopping carts full of glittery bulbs, ribbon, and fabric poinsettia wreaths. I too have stared apathetically at shrink-wrapped turkeys and hams in overcrowded grocery stores. I too have looked at walls laden with every conceivable configuration of Legos and wondered, "Seriously, didn't these things used to come in a bucket?" 

We all get holiday burn out, and we all go broke this time of the year. So sometimes it's easy to forget to donate to your favorite charities. I've been there.

But here's the thing: this is supposed to be the season of giving. And I'm not talking about giving $80 Lego sets to the kids in your family. I'm talking about giving to people who are suffering, or giving to support your community. Not only is this easy (you can do it online), I can tell you that it's enjoyable. Knowing that you've just given a gift to a deserving cause gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. 

And let's face it, we all have too much stuff anyway. So why not celebrate Colorado Gives Day today by donating to the Indy Give! campaign? The campaign aims to raise $1.8 million for 88 local nonprofits this holiday season. The Indy its partners pay all the costs of the campaign, so 100 percent of your gift goes to the nonprofits of your choice. Give! distinguishes the various nonprofits by assigning each to one of the following categories: animals; a hand up; home safe; inspired learning; see art, make art; big ideas; build community; veterans and their families; youth in action; get well; and great outdoors. Give! also vets the nonprofits that it supports so you don't have to. 

So seriously, folks, don't be grinches. If you can, give a little something back this holiday season, either through Give! or another nonprofit of your choosing. 

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