A snapshot of the “still gotta learn it” game list


  • Nate Warren

The pace of game acquisition at my house has temporarily out-paced our ability to actually learn and play all of the cool, new titles. Providing we can clear our calendar and sit down to learn these suckers, here are some new experiences that will hit our gaming table as the long, glowing evenings are mercilessly clipped off at 4 p.m. and we all start to think about going to bed after dinner.

Hen Commandments
A Holy Chicken is laying opaquely prophetic eggs and you're up against other disciples to see who can spin the most credible commandment out of messages in the eggs. (Not something that would go over well with your evangelical friends, I can imagine.) This is game as satire; a testament to the variety and creativity of what’s happening in board game design these days.

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest
Everybody has heard of Magic: The Gathering. Some have played — some have gone broke trying to buy up booster packs to get special cards and killer decks. Board game behemoth Fantasy Flight has tried to solve this problem with their “Living Card Game” concept: Head-to-head, two-player strategy card games where everybody has access to the same cards and players can focus more on having fun rather than an economic arms race. LCG was such a hot-ticket last summer that by the time I put my name on the Gamer’s Haven waiting list, I was already 17th in line to get a set. If this is anywhere near as cool as what they did with Android: Netrunner, it should be good.

Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents
Want to take control of an alternate history where your favorite watershed innovator wins the race to take his power format to the masses? I don’t have a dog in this revisionist fight, but I am looking forward to learning how well this economic game couched in a real-life history lesson brings the goods. Looks like there are really neat touches, such as a PR aspect where you have to manipulate public opinion parallel to your efforts to build mass delivery networks for electricity.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light. But learn some new games while you’re at it.

Nate Warren is a Colorado Springs-based copywriter who offers both the veteran gamer and the uninitiated a local window into the burgeoning and wildly creative world of hobby and designer board games enjoyed by fanatics and connoisseurs — around the corner and and across the globe.

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