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Murray: Outlaw open carry


Councilman Murray: Let's ban open carry. - FILE PHOTO
  • File photo
  • Councilman Murray: Let's ban open carry.
After several citizens urged City Council to ban open carry of firearms within the city limits today, Councilor Bill Murray was the only member to offer a comment after public comment.

And, are you sitting down? He supports a ban. Murray's position is surprising coming from a retired Army officer, but Murray noted the recent triple homicide carried out by Noah Harpham was the third incident involving open carry in recent years.

One involved a person carrying a handgun during Pride Fest. The man was arrested, despite open carry being legal. He later sued, and the city paid $28,000 to settle the case.

The second involved a group of armed people who gathered at City Hall to "protect the flag" after someone set a flag on fire.

The third was Noah Harpham's rampage on Halloween day, which unfolded after a neighbor called 911 but no officers were dispatched for at least 10 minutes.

Murray noted that minutes, and even seconds, can make a difference between life and death.

"Open carry is a privilege," he said. "It is not a right." I'm sure he'll get an earful from the gun lobby on that one.

But anyway, Murray says he's heard people overseas say they're not interested in coming to the United States because "it's open season" with all the guns people have.

"If we want to call ourselves an Olympic City," Murray said in conclusion, "we need to do better and follow Denver and outlaw open carry."

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