New market for Ranch Foods Direct


In the last couple weeks, Ranch Foods Direct has been focused on the aftermath of its recent recall, which cost the company no small amount of business, according to owner Mike Callicrate

But that unfortunate bit of wrist slapping and ill PR aside, the company continues to reposition itself and expand inside of new locations around town. 

The first, as of this past spring, was the Federal Food Service building at 4635 Town Center Drive.

Then we recently heard news of the Colorado Springs Public Market's decision for the Carter-Payne site downtown, where RFD will host a small retail front. 

And now, RFD has acquired the former Conway's Red Top spot at 1228 E. Fillmore St., which is replacing the retail shop at 2901 N. El Paso St. nearby, which will close by year's end. 

Speaking with the Indy, Callicrate says the new spot will feel familiar, but will feature new amenities like an expanded produce section and full-service butcher counter, plus products by co-ocupants The Sourdough Boulangerie and Mountain Pie Co.

Here's a blueprint for the floor layout he shared; public entry is on the left side of the illustration:


And ahead of our brief chat with Callicrate for Side Dish, here's a short Q&A that went out in RFD's most recent newsletter:

Q. Ranch Foods Direct will maintain its presence in the Fillmore business district but will soon move from 2901 N. El Paso into the previous home of the old Conway's Red Top and more recently The Bistro, at 1228 E. Fillmore. How will the retail space there compare to what you have now and are there any new features this new location will include?

Mike: We'll have a full service meat counter with a butcher who can cut anything you want right on site. We'll have a carcass cooler. The new building will give us 3,600-plus square feet, and although our new certified kitchen area will take up nearly half of that, we'll still be able to offer a much larger selection of produce and bulk items such as flour and dry beans - the kind of thing you normally see inside a full service health food store.

Q. Will any hot prepared foods be available on site so shoppers can grab a bite?

Yes. We'll have hot Mountain Pie Company meat pies, soups and deli items, a place for people to sit down and eat, with Colorado Coffee Merchants coffee available too. We want to provide a community gathering space that serves the neighborhood.

Q. What will the new retail location inside the Ranch Foods Direct warehouse at 4635 Town Center be like?

It's going to be everything we have now plus a lot more. It will also have a full service meat counter. Our main processing space will be located there. The retail space will be comparable in size to our current Fillmore location. We hope to have the retail shop at Town Center open and operating by early next year.

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