UPDATE: Prescribed burn planned for Pikes Peak


The weather continues to be the driving force behind a planned prescribed burn. Now, says Lehermeier, "because of this past week's moisture, the burn window has been moved to Nov. 2, all factors willing."

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According to CSU's Patrice Lehermeier, this prescribed burn has been postponed a week, until Monday, Oct. 26, weather cooperating. She says the delay is "due to a fire ban placed on Teller County by the county's sheriff." 

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If you see smoke on the mountain next Monday, Oct. 19, or the following day or two, no need to call it in. 

Colorado Springs Utilities, in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy in Colorado and Coalition for the Upper South Platte — operating collectively as the Pikes Peak Fire Learning Network — have a prescribed burn planned adjacent to the N. Catamount Reservoir. (Date subject to change pending weather.)

Here's everything you may wish to know about the project, via CSU spokesperson Patrice Lehermeier, including a map of the area:

See related PDF rxmap.pdf
This is the first prescribed burn of this size since the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires.

To ensure a safe and reliable water supply, we manage watershed lands and natural resources while balancing operational needs and community values. Our ongoing forest management program reduces the risk and severity of wildfire by mitigating the amount, types and structure of forest fuels. These activities also help restore forest ecosystems to more natural conditions making them more resilient to wildfire, insect infestations and disease. Over the past 25 years, we have completed multiple fuel reduction projects utilizing hand crews, mechanical treatment techniques, partnerships and prescribed fire. These projects include the USFS Catamount Healthy Forest and Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project, mastication on Longs Ranch, and a prescribed burn in 2010 between South and North Catamount reservoirs, as well as other activities.

The N. Catamount project will be completed in partnership with members of the Pikes Peak Fire Learning Network (see attached release), our own Catamount Wildland Fire Team and The Nature Conservancy (TNC), which will use National Wildland Coordination Group certified personnel to oversee the burning operations. A low-intensity prescribed burn will improve overall forest health and conditions on the site. This will help reduce the likelihood of future insect and disease infestations and catastrophic wildfire, and avoid significant impacts to water quality and erosion. ...

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“Prescribed fire is a highly effective land management tool that can greatly minimize the risk of unnaturally large and damaging wildfires, while improving wildlife habitat and strengthening the health of our landscapes and watersheds,” said Jason Lawhon, Fire Manager for the Colorado Nature Conservancy. “The Fire Learning Network brings together community members and fire and land management professionals to learn from each burn experience.”

The Sourdough prescribed burn will take place over a 14.8 acre area located north of Woodland Park. It will occur on private property off of Sourdough road just south of the Manitou Experimental Forest. Organized primarily through the Coalition for the Upper South Platte, North East Teller Fire and The Nature Conservancy, the goals of the project are to reduce hazardous fire fuels and increase understory grass and plant recovery after a previous forest thinning project.

The burn will take place any time after October 12. The exact date will depend on weather and fuel conditions. There will be one day of burning and crews will remain on scene for multiple days after the burn to monitor the fire until it is completely extinguished.
“Without prescribed fire, we as a society cannot hope to achieve the goals of forest resiliency, community protection, and watershed health,” said Jonathan Bruno, Chief Operation Officer of the Coalition for the Upper South Platte. “These are all critical to protecting people, property, and ecosystems.”

The North Catamount prescribed burn will take place on a 105 acre area located on the Colorado Springs Utilities’ North Slope Watershed near the North Catamount Reservoir. Colorado Springs Utilities is the lead Network member on this project with goals of protectingwater supply and infrastructure in its watersheds as well as improving forest heath and reducing fuels.

The burn is scheduled to take place any time after October 18 depending on conditions. There will be 1 to 2 days of burning with crews on the scene for multiple days after monitoring until it is completely extinguished.

“Over the past 20 years, multiple fuel reduction projects have been completed on the North Slope using hand crews and other mechanical techniques,” said Eric Howell, Colorado Springs Utilities Forest Program Manager. “Over time, however, wildfire conditions have increased. We can help mitigate risks effectively and safely through the implementation of prescribed fire.”

Pikes Peak Fire Learning Network is actively working with Colorado Air Pollution and Control Division to manage potential smoke impacts from the burns. When a controlled burn is implemented, it is conducted under very specific parameters laid out after years of planning. Daily weather conditions play a key role in whether a burn can be accomplished or not. The project fire managers will be evaluating conditions and forecasted weather to make the best decision on when to initiate these burns.

The Network is working to make sure that community members are kept abreast of information regarding these burns and hope to address any concerns and questions. Once the exact dates of the burns are known, the media and public will be notified. Up to date information will also be disseminated through the Pikes Peak Fire Learning Network twitter account, @Pikespeak_FLN with related hashtags, #SourdoughRX and #CatamountRX.

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