How to starve a vampire


We will continue to track Colorado Springs UtilitiesElectric Integrated Resource Plan (EIRP) as it develops in the next couple of months. 

Use power strips to turn off electronics when not in use to avoid vampire energy loss.
  • Use power strips to turn off electronics when not in use to avoid vampire energy loss.
One term that you'll likely continue to hear in the continued energy debate (sustainable sources vs. what's cheap now) is "demand-side management," which basically means reducing demand by educating consumers on using less energy. 

DSM can often be simple stuff, like pointing out how many resources we waste through habit alone, by not addressing low-hanging fruit like vampire energy

It can also be more aggressive action, where if the funds are available, a homeowner may wish to solicit the help of the Energy Resource Center, to save on utility bleeds via poor insulation and the like. 

Learn more about overall home efficiency with a series of four free seminars via the Southeastern Colorado Renewable Energy Society, which launch Saturday, Sept. 12 at CSU's Conservation & Environmental Center, with "The basics of home energy and water efficiency — simplified concepts and case studies from actual audits."

According to a press release:
SECRES experts in building science, energy and water audits and renewable energy will help residents with cost effective or free techniques to lower consumption, while improving health and comfort in the home. Choose one or all of the seminars to become more aware of your consumption, explore the benefits of saving resources, both financially and ecologically, and learn how to produce your own, onsite renewable energy.

Here's more on the series as well as info on the future dates:
See related PDF 2015_EE_Seminar_Press_Release_v2.pdf

And a little more info on the ERC:

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